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Toxic touch
I can feel him on top of me
He is everywhere
Underneath me
His breath
His kisses
A toxic poison
An addiction that I can't free myself from
He touches me
He whispers to me
Says he loves me
But he can't see
That this is killing me
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 0 0
She is the snow in the winter
Making the cold beautiful
I long to wake up next to her
And feel her chestnut hair tickle my face
I want to stare into those chocolate eyes
For eternity
She is an ocean
Full of wonder
Calm and gentle
But when wind blows
She becomes a tidal wave crashing down
And I would be thankful if she let me
Drown in her.  
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 2 0
The lady of the lake
She walked on water; lacy strings of her snow white hair gently blew around her parchment paper face, eyes as black as coal.
It was a busy day in the woods as it was a boiling summer evening and many people who possessed youth or looked worn and frail had been passing her by, while she perched elegantly on the lake that ran through the woods.
However, they did not notice her standing there.
One might wonder why such a rare beauty could go so unnoticed, especially a rare beauty that had the ability to stand on water.
But she would be noticed sooner or later, for she was waiting for man. It had been several years since they had last met and since they had said their goodbyes and they had both parted ways to get on with their own lives.
“I know you’re waiting for me miss”, called out a rough hoarse sounding voice
And out of the shadows approached an old man who wore faded jeans and a creased plaid shirt, the creature of the lake looked at him, and underneath all the crin
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 1 3
Conflicts touch
His hands are on me and I hate it. I'm drowning in these sheets, all the fight I had left in me is gone. His fingers against my skin feel like a bullet wound left deep in my flesh. He is a bomb that has exploded, leaving me scattered, covered in bruises, an emotional wreck. I had battled him before and sometimes I had won; but now I'm lying here unable to move. I'm out of bullets, my gun is broken and my injuries sore. I am a wounded soldier. I've been left for dead. I am no more.
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 1 3
spinning by themidnightonix spinning :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 0 0 night life by themidnightonix night life :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 1 0
The warm smell of cinnamon flooded the room, leaving a musky sugary kind of smell that make ones mouth water, longing for a bite of the beautiful scent. The row of candles flickered in sync with one another like they had rehearsed the same sequence over and over again; each candle was delicately perched on the windowsill casting faint shadows against the foggy window and filling the room with heat. In the corner of the room stood a magnificent Christmas tree that was practically glowing, covered head to toe in fairy lights. Its many arms held silver and gold Christmas balls that were painted with galaxies of glittery swirls. The Christmas balls occasionally felt like bobbing up and down, adding even more life to the festive room
A cat strolled into the room and curled up by the fireplace, its silky black fleece dotted in snowflakes that had danced down from the sky and landed on the cat’s soft fur. The cat let out a purr of relief; finally she was out of the cold and could toast
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 2 3
The magician
The magician first visited me
When I was tucked up in bed
A child, unable to see
What dark magic truly was
He cast a spell so that every night
Gas masks creatures and ghosts would sing me lullabies
He sat on my shoulder wearing a crown
Laughing as I his servant blundered around
The magician then began
To lock my mind in between
Fiction and reality
A confused child started to age
Trapped in a world between real and fake
As I grew older his voice got louder
Making me squirm, cringe and cower  
And over time he gained more and more power
Soon I was unable to sleep, his forces grew
I remained weak
My hands stained with blood
As I had to do his dirty jobs
But this magician was
Losing his magic
Now he remains the one whose life is
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 4 3
matchbox child
She dances in the candlelight
Burning bright
An unlit past
A future blown out
But oh how she continues
To spin and prance about
Unaware of what
Is yet to come
And what was once  
On she runs
Until she burns out
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 6 9
blossom by themidnightonix blossom :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 8 0 the woods by themidnightonix the woods :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 5 0 purple petals by themidnightonix purple petals :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 10 0
An old lovers heart
She sits in her tree
Hissing, howling
Screeching, growling
Watching, waiting
Growing impatient
A blood stained hand print
Upon the bark
An old lover’s heart
Her soul scared
From all the bitter dishonesty
Oh those wretched lies
Burnt a blaze
An old lover’s heart
For he who leaves
Shall never run far
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 5 3
The goose by themidnightonix The goose :iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 5 0
Thank you
Your fingers upon my closely guarded wounds
Make each secret scared upon my skin
Seem worthless
Your smile, that flicker deep within your eyes
Slowly ease the pain
Your mind, so beautiful
Causing the soldiers battling within my head
To cease fire
An ongoing conflict
Finally at rest
The creature that lurks in the mirror
My reflection
Suddenly turns into a stunning masterpiece
Painted by you
Your words
Your heart
Your soul,
Thank  you.  
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 6 6
An old metal box locked away
A treasure chest if you may
Contain fragments of your childhood
A china doll, broken
Photographs stained with age
The thunderstorm struck, you told me it would
That cursed the hours of your days
I awoke this morning
And in my veins flowed a longing sensation
My lungs tried to inhale as much air as they could
I paced up and down the pale hallway
That echoed with your golden memories
Your laughed danced up and through the window
Your tears rained down throughout the cities light show
All that was left was;
An old metal box, locked away
A treasure chest if you may
Contain fragments of your childhood
Now scattered in the winds
Drenched with grieve
Splattered with the mourning rain
Beneath the dusted clay
That took you away
:iconthemidnightonix:themidnightonix 8 2


I sit down every day
With a pen
And try my hardest to be honest
And I have found
That it is much easier
To find the cracks in everyone else
And fill them with my words
Than it is to look in a mirror
And see the gaping holes in myself.
I can tell you easily
And without a shake in my hands
Or a quiver in my voice
That the girl with long legs and pretty curls
Has lips made of flowers
And galaxies behind her eyes
I can tell you
That the girl with hair like
Wind and a shaky heart
Glows only because
She has paper thin skin
That's been chafed against too many times
And the liquor cabinet is
The only thing she loves that hasn't
Broken her yet.
I can tell you
That the girl who thinks
She's a background character
In everyone's lives
Keeps me up at night because
I haven't figured out how she's at once
Brutally, viciously, bitingly honest and still so
Soft she is the only person I know
That I can confidently say
Is a real human being
I will speak of myself
Not as flowers or galaxies or wind
But as
:iconshunflowershower:shunflowershower 2 0
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Welcome to my page, I am themidnightonix. 

Fantasy enthusiast 
Tea drinker
and writer (I also paint a bit and make my own films...)

Some of my inspirations are
-Neil Gaimen
-Emilie Autumn
- Carlie Martece
-JRR Tolkien
-Laura Makabresku
-Leda Muir

  • Listening to: Emilie Autumn
  • Reading: the glass throne
  • Watching: Doctor who
  • Playing: the guitar
  • Eating: sushi
  • Drinking: monster energy


Emmie Cosgrove
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom


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